HappyDiscover - events, Lda, established in 2012, identifies itself as an events management confident star-up. In its luggage, there are personal curricula of people who give body and unite this multi-disciplinary nature of life experiences and work for the construction of a unique and singular event.

This event, especially directed for tourism, gathers the typical gastronomy of the Oporto region and its striking traditions and cultural animations. It invites for a trip discovering legends told in medieval tone through contemporary moments, where the timeline is tamed with expertise from professional actors and animators, who will lead the spectators through a holistic experience about the heritage of the people from the Douro region.

Is precisely in the confidence demonstrated by our investors that we have settled the basis for our activities, with the articulation and development of partnership relations. Thus, we seek partners who, like HappyDiscover, want to strengthen the potential of the charms of Douro, and become part of the core that inspires a new strategic vision for the development of tourism. We seek partners who breathe this same pride, and reflect the same passion.

We have the Declaration for Tourist Interest, taking into account the Innovation, Creativity and, above all, the Plan for Partnerships that includes National and International Tour Operators, Hotels and all relevant Institutions focused on the tourism sector.

Providing our clients with a high-quality service;
Giving our employees the skills to welcome those who seek us;
Achieving excellence through an experienced, enthusiastic and well managed organization.

We intend to fill a gap in a region marked by a growing demand, in the tourism level.

Integrity, quality, commitment, success.

Achieving excellence in customer service;
Being a factor for progress in the region;
Developing our employees to achieve their full potential;
Working ceaselessly towards success.